How To Tell If You Need a New Website

Sometimes it can be obvious to tell if your website is in need of a re-design. However, there are several key identifiers to look out for when determining if it’s time for a new website.

5 Ways SEO Can Help Your Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows your website to stand out in the digital stratosphere amongst other websites and effectively bring more traffic (and potential clients) to your business. Let’s take a look at some of the ways SEO can actually help your business: Improves Overall Reach Getting word out about […]

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Website’s Speed

The speed of your website plays a critical role in determining how long potential customers stay on your business’s website. Ideally, your website should take less than 1 second to load. Longer than that, visitors will start realizing that the computer is in control of their actions. For anything longer […]

How to Begin Marketing Your Website

Driving traffic to your website doesn’t have to be too complicated. Follow these helpful guidelines in order to start marketing your website.

Back to the Basics: How Do Websites Work?

Many web developers could tell you that they dream in 1’s and 0’s or that counting sheep is really just an iterative loop that increases the value of a variable. To us, it’s easy. To the average person, getting a website up on the internet is magic. So, let’s go […]

5 Web Design Trends of 2018

The web is constantly evolving and going through cycles of visual layout and design. Suffice it to say, we’ve come a LONG way since the early days of the internet. 2018 brings a fresh and interesting take on the way we interact with websites today. Here are just a few […]

How to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments on Your Website

Whether you are an online retailer selling merchandise or a business that provides services, you may want to consider accepting digital currency. Thankfully, there are already several ways to accept crypto payments on your website.

Drupal vs. WordPress – Which is Better?

In the wild west of content management systems (CMS), there are a ton of options to choose from. Namely two of the most popular being WordPress and Drupal. Although WordPress dominates the space with almost 60% of market share in 2016, both systems each have their own pros and cons. […]

Why User Experience (UX) Design is Important

Have you ever browsed through a website and thought, “Hey, that was easy”? Whether you were making a purchase, contacting a business or signing up for a newsletter, a lot of thought went into the user experience (UX) design to allow you to make those actions on a website in […]

How to Grow Your Business Online

So, you’ve gotten yourself a shiny new website and you want to start growing your business on the interwebs (see: Internet). Unfortunately, many companies and small businesses out there think that just having a website and a few social media accounts is enough and that leads will automatically start rolling in.

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