Search Engine Optimization

When you’re trying to get word out about your website, search engine optimization, or SEO, is a good place to start. SEO allows search engines such as Google to recognize your website and rank it in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). While Google doesn’t openly discuss their algorithm used for ranking websites, they do offer several suggestions to help improve your rankings and get your site noticed.

At CRRNT, we work to improve our client’s website rankings and help drive more visitor traffic to your website.

Our SEO Services

Market ResearchiPad with Google Search

By reviewing competitor markets and seeing how similar businesses are performing online, we can come up with a plan to evolve and grow your business.

Content Analysis & On-Page Optimization

We analyze the content of your website and look for areas of improvement. Whether it’s shortening paragraphs, inserting links, or displaying information differently, we make sure content is easily-digestible for both, the user and search engines.

Content Marketing

Simply displaying content on a website isn’t enough. We market your site to your followers and bring attention to important areas of your website.

Social Media Management

Managing social accounts can be tedious. That’s why we’ll do the heavy lifting for you by coming up with custom graphics, profile pictures and cover photos for your business’s social media accounts. We’ll also promote articles and blog posts on your social channels.

Website Meta Tags & Descriptions

Search engines like Google look for certain tags under the hood of your website that help describe what your site is all about. We ensure that these tags are relevant and up-to-date so that your website doesn’t get lost in the dust!

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