How To Tell If You Need a New Website

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Sometimes it can be obvious to tell if your website is in need of a re-design. However, there are several key identifiers to look out for when determining if it’s time for a new website.

Your Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly or Responsive

In this day and age, it’s imperative that you have a responsive website that can adapt well to a variety of different screen sizes. One way to test if your website is “responsive” is to open up the website in your browser and resize the browser window to a smaller size. If all of your website’s content and visuals stay in one place and don’t adapt while you shrink the window down, then your website is not responsive and likely won’t look good on phones or other mobile devices.

The Website’s Graphics Appear Pixelated or Low Resolution

Back in the day, websites used to be laid out in a small, box-like format in the middle of the screen and web designers could sometimes get away with using small photos and imagery. However, it’s not uncommon these days for people to visit websites on ultra-wide high-resolution retina displays.

While websites intentionally look smaller on mobile phones, most designers and developers still take advantage of the full-width, wide displays that desktop monitors offer. This allows the colors, graphics, and other visual elements of your website to extend to the full width of the web browser. If your site’s graphics and images appear pixelated or tiny, your site may be in need of an upgrade—especially as websites continue to follow the full-width trends with large background photos.

Your Website Isn’t Generating Leads or Conversions

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If you’re wondering why you’re hardly getting any new leads or sales from your website, chances are you don’t have a solid marketing strategy in place. Websites should be designed from the ground-up with the user in mind to provide them with the most simplified user experience possible. This helps guide the user to key areas of your website in order to increase the chances that they’ll contact your business or make a purchase.

Additionally, simply having a website and never adding any new content to it again will lower your ranking in search results over time. Google typically favors websites that are constantly keeping up-to-date and having fresh, new content added. This basically tells Google “Hey, my site is still active, please keep indexing it!”. That’s why it’s crucial to have a solid SEO plan in place for your website.

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